You Are More Than Worthy

Don’t ever feel unworthy of the one who created you. I used to feel so unworthy I couldn’t pray. I would try to get into a positive mindset and kneel to pray and couldn’t. Feelings of unworthiness are common if you’ve suffered any type of abuse. Some days you are on top of the world and then the next day you wish you could fit into a tiny box and hide from everyone. The things we experience can cause us to want to hide and escape even from our own selves. I’d love to tell you that embracing your self worth is easy but honestly it’s very hard especially if occurrences in your life have made you feel less than. I never wanted to be perfect it was never my goal but I did strive to feel clean and with every breath when my repressed memories resurfaced internally I felt dirty. My life to me was filthy because I had been tainted I felt. I’d have a blank stare on my face some days and no happiness gleamed from my eyes but then the next day I was silly and happy go lucky. The hardest time in my life was getting so many harsh memories back and I sometimes wish they wouldn’t have resurfaced but they had to in order for me to reclaim my self worth and to follow my purpose. I’ve had my share of low days where I cried till my stomach ached so bad I couldn’t drop another tear. I’ve had my happy days when I couldn’t stop laughing about any and everything. I have a tip for anybody trying to reclaim their self worth look at the sky, go out into nature, feel the sand between your toes, appreciate the old woman or man who lives next door who’s lonely, move to a new city for a few months, paint the clouds, in conclusion go experience. Every experience every new and exciting experience will give you joy. “To be free is to be uninhibited.”

- Breannon Renee’

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