The HUSH No More Book features the raw and heart felt stories of amazing Survivors who have experienced family abuse, military sexual trauma, betrayal, and unforgettable pain, but survived the HUSH Topics. HUSH Topics are those traumatic events that individuals, families, and communities have a hard time discussing: Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault, Sexual Harassment, Child Sexual Abuse, and Sex Trafficking. While many of their voices have been silenced by fear, now, ​we are encouraging victims to become Survivors by Helping Unleash the Shame to Heal and providing awareness and knowledge that lead to the prevention of the HUSH Topics. This book provides valuable information that families and friends can use to support victims and to stop abuse from occurring to children and adults.


Contributing Authors: Tammy Nobles, Geneva Dunn, Ina Smith, Ledesma Terry, Andrea’ Amaker, Shakira Stewart, Eleanor Parker Smith, Tina Williams, Kathy Butler, Richard Butler, Jeremiah Anderson, Teaira Mack, and Bill Jenkins



Proceeds from the sale of this book support HUSH No More, a 501c3 nonprofit organization.


HUSH No More Book


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